C, C++, Java, Python

Design Principles And Patterns

Test Driven Development (TDD)



Wireless communication

Digital electronics

Microcontroller(MCU) / Microprocessor(MPU) designs

Altium PCB Design Software & Tools


GenICam / GigE Vision

RTP/RSTP streaming protocols

Video codecs; jpeg, mpeg4, h264…

Extensive knowledge GStreamer

Embedded linux

Yocto / Buildroot setup

Board Support Package (BSP) creation

Kernel Module Developement

Security evaluation

Black box testing

Penetration (PEN) testing

Side-channel analysis

Reverse code engineering (RCE)

Security hardening

Linux hardening

Enabling secure boot/chain of trust

Side-channel protection

Intellectual Property (IP) protection

Our Services

Do you require expertise or an embedded system design from start to finish; we can provide all required services


Add the right expertise to your own R&D departement.


From idea to prototype. We are specialized in embedded software & hardware design.

Test & Certification

From prototype to product. A crucial step for validating product performance and ensuring CE compliance.


Taking a product to production can be a daunting task. We can assist in production startup or handle the complete production ourselves.